Incorporation of a local/indigenous NGOs

What is an indigenous NGO?

Any legally constituted private, voluntary grouping of individuals or associations involved in community work which augment government work but clearly not for profit or commercial purposes.

How do I get an indigenous NGO registered?

When you submit the form on the right, ASB advocates will contact you and later email you a form that you can fill. With the information collected, we will process your documents and get it registered in 7 working days

In the meantime, Familiarise yourself with the following checklist of things we will require from you.

  • A certified copy of a certificate of incorporation
  • A copy of the Organization’s governing documents
  • A chart showing the governance structure
  • Proof of payment of the prescribed fee
  • source of funding of the activities of the organization
  • Copies of valid identification document for at least two founder members
  • Minutes and resolutions of the members authorizing the organization to register with the Bureau
  • A statement complying with section 45 of the Act on staffing
  • A recommendation from LCI,II,III and RDC or Town clerk where the headquarters are located
  • Recommendation from a line ministry or a Government department or agency
  • The application for registration of an organization shall be signed by at least two founder members.

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