Legal Consultation

What is Legal Consultation?

The process of an individual or business seeking to know how to approach legal matters affecting them.

Why do I need it?

  1. A lawyer will know every legal implication on any subject or business venture you might need to engage in so that you do not go in blindly.
  2. Lawyers are professional negotiators so they will help you assess your advantage in any situation.
  3. The law is complex and a lawyer will help you unravel some unknown facts.
  4. A lawyer is not emotionally involved in your challenge so they will give you independent advice.

How do I get Legal Consultation? 

When you submit the form on the right, ASB advocates will contact you and arrange a meeting with you. In the meantime, Familiarise yourself with the following checklist of things we will require from you.

  • Full name of the person in need of consultation.
  • A brief clear statement of the subject matter on which you would like to consult.
  • By what means you would like the service delivered ie face to face, phone, or email.

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