Board Evaluation and Training

About this service 

Board Evaluation is the most effective way to ensure Board members understand their duties and adopt effective good governance practices. To be effective, boardroom appraisals need to have specific, clearly defined steps and practices, and a special commitment from the Board.

How do I get this service?

When you submit the form on the right, ASB advocates will contact you and later email you a form that you can fill. With the information collected, we will start the process of the board evaluation and training. This process could take up to 150 days.

In the meantime, Familiarise yourself with the following checklist of things we will require from you.

  • Proof of payment of prescribed fees
  • Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation from the country of origin
  • a certified copy of its constitution, or charter, or memorandum of association, or any other documents governing the NGO
  • Certified copy of the resolution authorizing registration in Uganda
  • Certificate of good conduct of the signatories to the resolution or at least two board members of the NGO
  • Curriculum vitae of at least two board members of the NGO
  • Recommendation from their government or missions accredited to Uganda
  • Recommendation from the ministry of foreign affairs in Uganda
  • Chart showing its organizational structure as stipulated in its governing documents
  • Copy of valid identification document for at least two board members
  • Work plan and budget or strategic plan for the organization
  • Statement complying with section 45 of the Act on staffing
  • Recommendation from; DNMC where its headquarters will be located
  • Recommendation from the responsible ministry or ministries or government or department or agency

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