Tips for getting an effective and affordable lawyer

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The public’s attitude towards lawyers is that they are unaffordable and any interaction with them will only be when one cannot avoid it, unfortunately, this is during a crisis.

It is important to have a lawyer at hand to prevent your affairs from entering crisis mode, what every business and an individual need is a “preventive” lawyer at hand.

In the course of legal practice, we get calls from individuals to whom we have been referred. They are apprehensive on the phone and even before they can narrate their challenges, they are asking how much it will cost them. It doesn’t occur to any of these potential clients that we are glad they called and we actually care. In most cases our contribution will lead to the success of their businesses and value addition to their daily lives.

Our main aim is to give you the service that you require. We strive to do so honestly and within the constraints of professional ethics and conduct. We must also provide our services at both an affordable cost, with a profit to ourselves otherwise, we will not be able to carry on our work.

Identifying an effective and affordable lawyer

  • A lawyer who attends to and listens to you: A lawyer, who seeks to know about you and your business, keeps time, diligently listens to what you have to say and takes a record of essential information, is an effective lawyer.
  • A setup practice: An effective and affordable lawyer will address you in a set up practice with a business name and an address. He/she will not work in a briefcase or in the corridors of buildings unless they are waylaid by a potential client who is anxious to download on them!
  • Their set up practice is approved by the Law Council.  Look out for an Approval of Chambers for that calendar year on display. The law Council is a department of the Ministry of Justice that regulates private legal practice in the country. Any difficulties or disagreements between you and your advocate can be arbitrated and resolved here if a proper complaint is made.
  • They hold a practicing certificate for that calendar year issued by the Chief Registrar of Courts of Judicature.
  • An effective lawyer tailor’s their legal advice to suit the client’s needs. They will give legal remedies available to the client, their cost and consequences before giving the client a choice to decide what would suit them. They will not pressurise you but they will make all information available and caution you on your course of action.

In Conclusion, therefore, it is evident that a lawyer’s time is valuable but so is yours. When a client pays an agreed fee for this time, a lawyer is obliged not only by law but also by professional standards that they give their best service effectively. A good lawyer is effective and adds value to your endeavours.

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